Haemorrhoids Banding

Services We Offer for Hemorrhoid Banding

Hemorrhoid banding is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments for internal hemo. However, some individuals may not wish to have this treatment since it can be unpleasant or painful. Alternative minimally invasive options or surgical procedures might be necessary.

1. Sclerotherapy.

Another treatment option is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a form of therapy in which a physician uses a substance to cut off blood flow to the hemorrhoids. This kind of therapy often necessitates several visits to the doctor's office, and the hemorrhoids can occasionally reappear. You can visit us for Sclerotherapy.

2. Electrocoagulation

Another option is electrocautery, in which the physician uses the heat from an electric current to induce scar tissue. Instead of infrared coagulation, a similar technique known as infrared coagulation is utilized. Following the treatment, hemorrhoids frequently recur in both cases.

3. Surgical removal

The surgical removal of hemorrhoids is a last-resort hemorrhoid treatment option. Although surgical excision may be successful, it has a greater danger of causing problems or other risk factors in the patient.

When do we recommend hemorrhoid banding?

Many people relieve their hemorrhoids with at-home treatments, such as:

Oral pain relievers

A dermatologist may prescribe lotions or ointments that contain witch hazel, hydrocortisone, or lidocaine to alleviate pain and itching.

Hemorrhoids may not be fixed with basic therapies at home. In some situations, they may become more itchy or painful.

Hemorrhoids sometimes start to leak. If hemorrhoids are bleeding or uncomfortable for an extended period, they may be suitable candidates for hemorrhoid banding.

Internal hemorrhoids can be treated with hemorrhoid banding, which is only useful for internal hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are caused by the inner lining of the rectum and anus.

How can Internal Hemorrhoids be treated?

Internal hemorrhoids may be treated in a variety of ways, including hemorrhoid banding. Although the treatment is usually fast, it can be unpleasant for some individuals, making it less appealing than other treatments.

However, since it is frequently more successful than alternative treatments and necessitates one hospital visit, hemorrhoid banding may be a good option for internal hemorrhoids. So, if you are facing a Hemorrhoid issue, get in touch with us!