Indoor Medical Services

Provision of proper care and treatment within the hospital confinement is our topmost responsibility. We not only provide treatment in operation theatres and clinics to make it over. Instead of this, our physicians make sure that the patient returns to his home with the best health condition. Get admitted in our indoor hospital areas to get full-time attention and cure of physicians and practitioners.

Indoor medical services are offered at discount rates to all the poor and old age patients. Moreover, we facilitate our employees, their spouses, and children with high-quality medical services at a lower rate. All indoor patients can avail of treatment services in the wards or A/C cabins having all amenities.

For every disorder, we have a special ward in our hospital. Operation theatres for surgery, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics, and gynecology are also available. Despite having all the wards and operation theatres, we keep burning cases separate in our BCU (Burn Care Unit).

The facilities of ICU, CCU, and ICMU are also available in our healthcare center. Feel free to visit our hospital in both regular timings and in an emergency to get spontaneous treatment.


Indoor Medical Services We Offer

The following are some special indoor medical services our hospital offers to all patients.

In-Patient Services (IPD)

We offer In-Patient Services (IPD) to provide treatment to sick patients in the special inpatient wards. Seek immediate usher and health care from specialists in our hospital.

Emergency Ward

With the use of some essential equipment, beds, tables, monitors, and other accessories, we have arranged special emergency wards in our hospitals. Our emergency ward always has some physicians to provide you with immediate medical assistance in case of an emergency.

ICU Ward

The intensive care unit (ICU) ward of our healthcare center has ventilators along with centerline oxygen and monitor. Highly qualified nurses are appointed there to ensure the health of patients. Collaborate with doctors and nurses to keep your patient and others calm in ICU.


Keeping the comfort and privacy of patients' relatives is also our priority. We have special HDCU wards to provide supportive care and keen monitoring to all the patients. Take an isolation room or a bed in the HDCU ward in our hospital at a budget-friendly rate.

Hematology Ward

Patients suffering from blood and blood-related disorders are treated in our special hematology ward. Get treatment from specialists in case of hemophilia, leukemia, and ITP in our special ward.

General Ward

We also have a general ward of 50 beds with a clean environment. All the patients and visitors will feel a homely environment in our general ward. Some patients needing post-operative care are also admitted to this ward. We regularly visit all the patients thrice a day to ensure their good health condition.

Charity Wards

Our physicians, practitioners, and hospital administration are very passionate to serve poor humanity. If you are poor and cannot afford your medical expenses, you can ask for a discount or full free treatment.

Why Choose Us?

In our hospital, we provide treatment and healthcare services for the betterment of society. Not only do we treat rich and elite class families for money but also offer discounts and free indoor health services to poor patients. Along with other wards, there are also some separate cabins in the hospital to feel homely privacy. Opt for any one of the comfortable indoor medical environments you want at a budget-friendly rate in our hospital.