Medical Laboratory Services

Our hospital is privileged to provide high-quality diagnosis procedures with the help of specialists, medical lab technicians, and practitioners. We have always been in front in the field of diagnostics in every condition by using emerging technology. In our hospital, we carry out every diagnostic segment such as hematology, immunology, virology, parasitology, histopathology, clinical pathology, and cytogenetics.

Under the supervision of qualified and professional consultants, we interpret results in properly formatted lab reports. All our tests are reliable, accurate, and approved by the national laboratory council. Even in the lockdown, we geared up to take sampling for the covid-19 test. And provided accurate test reports to all patients with the collaboration of best covid testing laboratories. Get all your problems diagnosed by visiting our laboratory.

Laboratory Tests We Offer

Here are some of the laboratory tests our lab technicians offer in our hospital laboratory.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

We offer a complete blood test through CBC (complete blood count) test in which we measure the overall number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets present in the body. This test is very important in the determination of health status, nutritional level, and screening disorders. Our doctors recommend this test, usually, a patient has a weakness, bruising, and fatigue.

Basic Metabolic Panel

Our medical laboratory also has a facility for measuring the number of different minerals in the blood. Through this test, we report blood sugar level, fluid balance, and electrolyte level. Make sure that you have been fasting for 12 years before coming to our lab for a basic metabolic panel test.

Lipid Profile

Another important test that we offer at our laboratory is lipid profile. In this test, we measure levels of different fatty acids including cholesterol, glycerol, and triglyceride level. Patients having elevated heartbeat and cardiac risks are usually recommended for this test. Get your lipid profile every year thrice to maintain your cardiac health good and stable.

Liver Panel

Get all your liver problems identified by undergoing screening of this single test in our laboratory. We will access your bile secretions, their level, and other liver functionalities through this test. Every patient suffering from liver tumors must check his or her liver profile.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

We also offer TSH diagnosis to evaluate the proper functioning of thyroid hormone. Our lab technicians usually perform this test for patients having symptoms of overweight, shivering of hands, and weakness. Feel free to check your TSH level in our hospital for regulation of thyroid functioning in the body.

Hemoglobin A1C

Screening and monitoring of diabetes are needed for every third patient due to the increasing rate of diabetes in our country. We not only measure blood sugar levels but also give tips to our patients for controlling blood glucose levels. Visit our lab to check your blood glucose level if you are experiencing weight loss.


Monitor the health of your kidney as well by getting disease screening from our hospital. Our medical technicians perform this test on a patient’s urine. Feel free to opt for this affordable easy test to get a diagnosis of diabetes and renal disorders.

Why Our Laboratory?

Do you want to get an accurate and high-quality diagnostic screening in your vicinity? If yes, we are offering almost all essential body screening tests to identify your disorders. Unlike other laboratories, there is no need to worry about heavy fees. We offer all tests at a budget-friendly rate. Moreover, our hospital grants special discount packages to poor patients. Avail of affordable body screening at our laboratory!