Pharmacy Services

Our hospital is offering highly comprehensive and innovative pharmaceutical services in the locality. We ensure the delivery of high-quality, authentic, and certified medicines. A professional team of well-qualified pharmacists and experienced technicians dispense medicines with the use of their knowledgeable skills.

Along with the provision of medicines, we offer free counseling to patients about ways of getting the maximum benefit from the medicine. Make sure to intake medicines according to our pharmacist’s recommendation to avoid any side effects or harmful reactions of medicine. We provide our pharmaceutical services to both indoor and outdoor patients. Our pharmacy offers inpatient service daily.

With the advancement of technology, we have upgraded our computerized physician order entry (CPOE), therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), and modified unit drug dose distribution system digitally. It has made it quick for us to evaluate whether the correct dosage of medicine has been delivered to our patients are not. Get medicines to cure all curable disorders from our pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical Services We Offer

Here are some of the pharmaceutical services that our pharmacists and technicians offer:

Inpatient Care Pharmacy Service

We offer pharmaceutical service to patients admitted to our hospital under the supervision of pharmacists with the assistance of nursing staff. Our pharmacy staff makes sure to store all the medicines and drugs at the optimum temperature. Feel free to take our medication because our technicians never use expired or unprescribed medicine.

Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Service

Our hospital pharmacy also delivers fresh stocks of medicines, vaccines, and other therapeutic supplements to different places. The distribution of medicine also takes place under the supervision of qualified pharmacists to avoid any errors. Patients can also get counseling and education about taking doses of a medicine from our pharmacists.

Oncology Pharmacy Service

Dispensing and mixing of some ready-to-use chemo drugs also takes place at our hospital pharmacy with great care. We mix doses with fixed ratios to make chemo drugs of different forms (PO, IV, and IT) usable for others. The storage of medicines at our pharmacy is very hygienic due to biological safety cabinets.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

Fulfilling the modern pharmaceutical needs like West, our pharmacists also perform multidisciplinary rounds in ICU, peads, oncology, and transplant ward. We ensure that all the medicines are delivered to patients according to pharmacotherapeutic suggestions. Management of clinical pharmacy rotations also takes place at our hospital.

Compounding Pharmacy Services

We provide compounding services of sterilized, and non-sterilized medicines. Our pharmacy ensures the presence of at least one pharmacist every time to avoid prescription errors of medicines. These compounding pharmaceutical services are also delivered inpatient and outpatient services. Provision of individualized total parenteral nutrition (TPN) compounding service is also done by our pharmacy.

Drug & Position Information Centre

Our healthcare professionals evaluate all drug monographs along with their formulation to provide suitable drugs. We also have an information center in which we educate pharmacy staff about assessment training and tests. All pharmaceutical services and medications are also linked with reporting and ADR tracking in our hospital.

Why Our Pharmacy?

Our pharmacy is privileged to be an all-rounder pharmacy of the district. We have eliminated the need for patients to pay high delivery charges on ordering high-potency medicines from far-off places. Besides this, we also ensure the delivery of medicines to the doorstep of those families who cannot visit stores due to financial and health crises. Get all medicines at wholesale price with good counseling about usage!